Our Story: The Founding of DutchCrafters

Our Story

Jim & Linse’s Introduction to an Amish Woodworker

Driving through the cornfields, on a Pennsylvania hill they met an Amish crafter of tables, working with his son.  

Linse smelled the sawdust, felt the solid frame, noticed beauty in the soft grains of cherry wood.  

“This is a treasure,” she said.  

“This is my heritage,” Jim replied.  

They endeavored to share it, and DutchCrafters was born. 

The Value of the Table

The table graced their family—a place to gather for nourishment, conversation and laughs. At the table they held hands in gratitude, celebrated birthdays, shared hospitality.  

And not only their family, but many more across America, where the soil produced the trees that provided the wood that brought forth the gifts. 

Building Relationships with Woodworkers

Since 2003, Jim, Linse and all of us at DutchCrafters have sourced heirloom-quality furniture from the back roads of Amish country in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.  

We’ve built solid relationships with woodshops and craftsmen that we know and trust, which allows us to connect you to personalized, custom-made furniture created by skilled woodworkers.  

Our Amish furniture and other products are built to be passed down to the next generation. 

Learn more about DutchCrafters on our About Us page

What Does This Mean for You? 

Our history shapes who we are and how we got to this point in our story. The context that created this company matters. But here’s why it should matter to you: we have the relationships and trust of our Amish woodworkers that can only be formed through decades of work together.

We can offer customizations that most stores can’t. We can take care of any problems that arise quickly and effectively. And we are experts in this field. We know our product inside and out when we offer you beautiful, heirloom-quality furniture for your home.

Life-improving Furniture

Furniture plays an unsung role in our lives, but it’s transformative. Many of us spend over 3/4 of our day on furniture! Furniture can support or break down our bodies, depending on how it’s designed. It holds our possessions, stores our food, and displays our valuables. 

But furniture can do so much more! Good furniture design can make a room feel cozy, sophisticated, organic, nostalgic, or impressive. Great furniture functionality can make life easier and more convenient. It can save space in a room and create storage space. It can be a joy to use. 

At DutchCrafters, we’re driven to transform lives by providing outstanding furniture with transformative designs, beautiful craftsmanship, and life-improving features. See what DutchCrafters furniture can do for your home. Find your dream furniture right here at DutchCrafters.

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