Solid Oak Quilting Hoop Made by Amish Woodworkers

The Amish Solid Oak Quilting Hoop is the perfect gift for the quilter in your life (or yourself!). This tool makes quilting comfortable and convenient, reducing strain on your body while holding your work in place with a sturdy frame! 

Quilting Hoop Construction

This hoop is crafted from solid oak wood, a dense, durable wood type that’s renowned for its hardness, ubiquity, and traditional grain pattern. Oak wood is the perfect wood type for a quilting hoop. Its durability and weight will keep your quilt in place as you work away. 

The X-shaped base and decorative leg braces provide weight and create a low center of gravity to keep the hoop anchored as you quilt. 

The solid oak stem is topped by a rounded ball that holds the quilt frame. 

The Function of the Quilting Hoop

This frame features a pinching mechanism loosens to allow nearly 360 degrees of rotation. It can be tilted, angled, and spun to your ideal position before locking into place. 

Finally, the double-hoop design lets you to slip a quilt between the rounded frames. Tighten the black knob on the bottom of the frame to secure the quilt for needlework. This convenient placement allows for easy adjustments as you work. 

Display Quilts and Wall Hangings

As an added bonus, this tool doubles as a quilt display. When guests come to visit, there’s no need to hide away your quilt work. Simply tilt your frame to display the handiwork!

In between projects, you can leave it out and display a quilted wall hanging or any other special piece of upholstery. 

Custom Order your Quilting Hoop

Did you know, this quilting hoop is also available in Cherry wood? Shop our Custom Quilting Hoop to select your wood type. Cherry wood features a smoother woodgrain than Oak to create a luxurious finish. Its grain pattern ripples and loops with thin lines. Cherry also darkens over time, from a light blonde with hints of red to a medium-dark color a few years later! 

After selecting your wood  type, you’ll be invited to choose from among a dozen or more stain colors! This is the biggest choice of the customization process; stain colors can make a huge impact on the look of the hoop. They vary from whites to grays, to reds, blondes and brown colors. 

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