Amish Tampa Dining Side Chair

Is the Amish Tampa Dining Side Chair the perfect minimalist chair for your home? It merges comfort with style as its gently curved back and seat are finished with durable and customizable upholstery. So how will you customize yours?

Characteristics of the Tampa Dining Chair

The Tampa Dining Chair is small. It offers a minimalist aesthetic and a good frame for a small home. The gently rounded, angled legs support a cushioned, upholstered seat and a matching low back. This chair is modern, highly functional, and built with the durability present in all Amish solid wood furniture

Mid-Century Modern Style

The Tampa chair is a perfect representation of Mid Century Modern style. Its rounded legs also angle outward—a common characteristic of mid-century modern. The simple wood frame supporting and accenting the upholstered back is similarly rounded for comfort and style. 

However, the Tampa chair may also pair well with a Shaker-style dining room or Transitional home design. The pairing of new Tampa chairs with any style of table will make the set distinctly yours. 

Customizing the Tampa Chair

As with all made-to-order furniture here at DutchCrafters, the Tampa Chair is a canvas waiting for your paint. Select your favorite fabric material and make it your own with your choice of fabric color and pattern. Then couple that upholstery with your favorite wood type and have it stained (or painted) with your favorite finish color. 

Order the Tampa Chair

Finally, your furniture will be built to your specifications by our talented woodworkers and delivered to your home. So what are you waiting for? Order your Tampa chairs today right here at

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