DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Build Time (Infographic Animation)

How long does it take to build my Amish furniture? Your furniture build time will vary based on the product, woodshop, and season. However, here we show you the 3 steps you can anticipate in the build process of your furniture. Refer to the build time listed on the product page and communicated after purchase for the best estimate. Following the build process, you will be contacted by shippers to schedule delivery of your furniture. Please allow a couple weeks for delivery of your furniture beyond the build time. First, your custom order is processed and sent to an Amish woodshop in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. There, they build the furniture set using time-honored techniques. This may take a number of weeks to a couple months, depending on the complexity of the project. Secondly, the furniture is either moved to the finishing department in the same shop or transferred to an Amish wood finishing shop. With DutchCrafters, and only with us, are you guaranteed that your set will all be finished together, even if it is built in different states. This is the only way to ensure that the finish will match. Thirdly, the furniture goes through multiple passes of staining and sanding using the best techniques for a beautiful finish. It is varnished and undergoes final assembly. The finishing process necessitates drying time for the furniture between coats, so this finishing process will always take time. Finally, delivery drivers collect your furniture and contact you to arrange delivery of your furniture. Shop Custom Furniture Transcript: Each product is unique so your post-purchase process will vary, but your build process may look something like this. After your order is placed it’s sent to our Amish woodworking shops across Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Here, it is built by hand to your specifications with premium construction techniques. This customization process will vary depending on the season and your product selection. Only with DutchCrafters are you guaranteed that your entire order is finished together to ensure that the finish matches. Some pieces are finished at the same shop where they were built and others are sent together to an Amish finishing shop. Our furniture is finished using time-honored techniques, including distressing and multiple coats of hand staining and sanding. Thena top coat of catalyzed conversion varnish is applied before it goes through final assembly. After the finish has dried, the furniture is taken by shippers who will contact you to set up delivery to your home or business. We understand your Amish furniture is a significant investment, and you are eager to receive it. While this process is lengthy, it is necessary to provide you with the heirloom quality furniture you expect from DutchCrafters. We’re confident that when it arrives, you are going to love your custom furniture.

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