Reclaimed Wood Dining Set at DutchCrafters

We love the story our Amish Reclaimed Wood Dining Set tells. It shares over 100 years of history with your family as you create new memories. This durable, dependable table is built from the wood of historic American barns, repurposed for new life. The rugged, natural look of reclaimed wood furniture is a hot trend right now—and for good reason.

The combination of the unique character of the wood, a quality hand finish, and sturdy construction make for a stunning piece in your dining room. And using reclaimed lumber saves wood from going into landfills and prevents trees from needing to be cut down for your furniture, so it’s an eco-friendly choice that you can feel good about for decades to come.

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Video Transcript:

“Welcome to DutchCrafters, where century-old American barnwood has been transformed to become a focal point of your family’s meals and memories.
Locally-sourced wood from old barns is turned into one-of-a-kind furniture by our talented Amish craftsmen. We love the story this reclaimed wood furniture tells, with each authentic knot-hole, nail hole, sun spot, and original mark from the hand saws used to cut down the timbers. Each piece is finished to accentuate the unique qualities of aged wood. Pick from a variety of stain finishes to fit the color scheme and decor of your home. Embrace the individuality that Amish reclaimed wood furniture offers.
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