Redesigned DutchCrafters Sarasota Amish Furniture Showroom (2022)

Welcome to the DutchCrafters Sarasota Amish Furniture Showroom

There’s a new look to Amish furniture! DutchCrafters, the largest Amish furniture store online, recently finished renovating its premier showroom in Sarasota, FL.

Visitors will find a new array of chair displays, room scenes, modern living room sets, and solid wood desks. Shoppers will find helpful furniture specialists to assist with their needs. And the showroom’s new Design Center is stocked with wood stain samples, upholstery swatches, and many more custom options to suit anyone’s needs. 

More Amish Furniture

More comfort.  

More furniture.  

More looks and styles and designs.  

And more custom options than ever!

Redesigned & Refreshed Showroom

After months of planning, construction, and renovation, we’re ready to welcome you to the all-new, redesigned and refreshed DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom.  

Welcome to the future of Amish furniture shopping.  

 Step in the Doors

Enter our new showroom to find modern living room sets, a wide assortment of dining table designs, and rustic furniture made of 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood!  

Chair displays offer dozens of looks and styles for your comparison.  

Explore our patio full of poly furniture made from recycled plastic.  

We’ve added new lighting collections, decor, and rooms to set the scene.  

And it all leads back to our brand-new design center, where our friendly furniture specialists are ready to help you find the perfect wood type, stain color, upholstery, and custom options for your new furniture.  

Explore the options. Experience the quality. And discover what’s possible with Amish furniture at the DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom. 

You’re Invited!

You’re invited to visit our redesigned Amish furniture showroom! Whether you’re in Sarasota for vacation or you live nearby, we’d be happy to see you. 

Amish furniture is so much more than you think. From stylish new designs to colorful new wood stains, our Amish woodworkers will surprise you. Here in the showroom, there’s more to see and more options to compare than ever before. 

So make an appointment or simply stop by and have a look around. Our furniture specialists are happy to help with anything you need. Visit our Sarasota Showroom page to plan your trip. 

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