Amish Woodshop Tour: The Bay Ridge Collection

What does an Amish woodworking shop really look like inside? How is an Amish dining table made? Find your answers here in this Amish Woodshop Tour video, featuring the Bay Ridge Collection from DutchCrafters.

Amish Woodshop Tour

The first time I had the chance to take an Amish Woodshop Tour, we started our tour around 6:00 AM. You may not be surprised to hear that the woodworkers had already been hard at work for at least an hour before we arrived. Their attention to detail was admirable. Their speed and precision were apparent. And I immediately knew that the products they created would last for decades.

Amish Woodworking Shops

However, on that first visit, I was surprised by one thing—how much technology they used. As you watch this video, you may be taken aback by this as well! Power saws? Pneumatic sanders? Electric lights? 

We’ll spare you the details, but each Amish community has its own rules and expectations for its community’s clothing, transportation, and use of technology. This Northern Indiana community is more progressive than some others, allowing its members to use electricity (though off the grid) for their business! The result of this technology is longer working hours, more precise construction, and a better quality product for you. 

Furniture Collections at DutchCrafters

DutchCrafters is the largest online store for Amish furniture! We offer over a hundred furniture collections for you to consider—each specializing in a particular room, type, or style of furniture. Our collections range from (recycled plastic) poly outdoor furniture collections to solid wood children’s toy collections to collections of dining room furniture like this one.  

Bay Ridge Collection

The Bay Ridge Collection is built in Northern Indiana’s Amish community near Shipshewana, Indiana. It’s among the cleanest and most efficient Amish woodworking shops we work with, and that attention to detail is apparent in their work as well. Bay Ridge dining tables are exquisitely crafted so every piece fits together perfectly and looks cohesive.

Bay Ridge designs range from Contemporary to Mission to Colonial. They offer every table style, from leg tables to round pedestal tables. And you’ll even find black cast iron table bases among their products! You can truly get any style of dining table that you desire at the Bay Ridge Collection. Click here to browse Bay Ridge dining table products

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