Amish Rhinebeck Sling Dining Side Chair

Is Contemporary your style? The Amish Rhinebeck Sling Dining Chair adds a spark of modern design to your dining room.

Rhinebeck Sling Design

The Rhinebeck Sling Dining Side Chair is most easily recognized by the curved back frame pieces. This unorthodox construction style makes a modern statement without sacrificing solid wood durability. The curves of the sides are reflected also in the arched spacers between the chair legs. 

The back frame’s modern design gives the impression of a floating backrest above a matching upholstered seat. This comfortable cushion and fabric combination creates an opportunity to make this chair set your style. 

Customize the Rhinebeck Dining Chair

What customization will make the Rhinebeck Sling Dining Chair fit your home? 

One popular approach for our custom furniture shoppers is to match a table’s wood type and finish color to the base of your chairs. Whether your table is purchased alongside these chairs or it’s already in your home, this technique makes your new dining set into a true set. The cohesive look formed by matching wood types and stains is the perfect way to bring a level of sophistication to your home design. 

Fabric Options

But selecting a matching wood finish doesn’t restrict your ability to express yourself! With the Rhinebeck chair, you retain the option to select your upholstery color and pattern. Whatever your style, there’s a fabric for you. Designs range from geometric patterns to animal silhouettes to solid colors. And it can be adorned with every color of the rainbow. 

Fabric Types

We know what you’re thinking: what if I spill? Fortunately, our premium fabrics are moisture- and spill-resistant to help you ensure a stain-free style for years and years of use. 

Custom Order Online or In-store

Know what you want? Order this chair online today and our woodworkers will get to work creating the dining set of your dreams. 

Or, you can give us a call or visit a showroom and make your selections with the help of a personal furniture specialist. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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