The Essential Guide to Extension Dining Tables

Perfect for family dinners or special occasions, our Extension Dining Tables are beautifully handcrafted by our Amish woodworkers. Choose the right table extension for your kitchen or dining room. We offer four main types of extensions, traditional, butterfly leaf, drop leaf and stow leaf. Each extension provides a different element and it’s up to you to decide what is best for your home.

Traditional table leaves are our most popular due to the easy setup. On our tables with traditional extensions, we often have an option to self-store. Depending on the base of the Amish table there are a different number of extensions available. Most extensions are 12” or 16” wide and with a split pedestal table base, you can often have as many fourteen table leaves. Our traditional table leaves are perfect for the family who loves to host large dinner parties on weekends or special occasions.

The butterfly leaf table is ideal for a smaller space. The extensions folds neatly inside the kitchen table and is easily opened by one person. Typically, our butterfly extensions are 18” wide and most tables offer one or two butterfly leaves.

Drop leaf tables are another great option of a small kitchen. The convenience of flipping one extension up for breakfast or lunch and saving space between meals is what makes these drop leaf tables so popular. Choose between a small square or round table to fit your space and make it ideal for you with one or two drop leaves.

The stow leaf table is a perfect combination between traditional and butterfly. With our stow leaf tables, your extensions store neatly inside the table. One person can extend the table one end at a time making space for all your family and friends.

With all our extension options, you can find the perfect Amish handcrafted Dining Table for your space. Whether it’s a date night or Christmas dinner, our Amish Tables will adapt to every occasion.

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