The Stow Leaf Dining Table at DutchCrafters

Enjoy the ease and convenience of a Stow Leaf Dining Table, available at DutchCrafters. This video shows just how quick the process is to set up and stow away your table extensions with a stow-away leaf system on this reclaimed barn wood table. The video also shows the standard extensions and what they look like once they’re removed from the table. 

This Reclaimed Barnwood Dining Table

The Reclaimed Barnwood Table shown in this video is a best-seller at DutchCrafters, the largest Amish furniture store online! In the video, it’s shown unfinished and recorded in an Amish woodworking shop. However, if it’s ordered from DutchCrafters, you can expect your table to be built to your specifications, finished with your choices of stain or paint color, and delivered to your home! 

Customizable options include: 

  • Table Height
  • Table Length
  • Table Width
  • Table Top Thickness
  • Extension Boards
  • Self-storing Extension Option
  • Drawer
  • Leg Style
  • Reclaimed Wood Plank Bench
  • Nail Holes
  • Finish
  • Varnish

With all of these custom options, it’ll look right at home no matter what style your home is! Make it a rustic accent to a contemporary home or a centerpiece to a rustic farmhouse design and select your options to match the look. Between its durable, square legs and the Breadboard Ends, this table has a unique charm. There’s a good reason it’s so popular at DutchCrafters. And it’s built in an authentic Amish woodshop! 

Consider the Amish Reclaimed Old Wood Plank Farm Table with Breadboard Ends for your home. 

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