10 Best Amish Made Wooden Toys

Beth Rice 17/11/2022

Amish woodshops bustle with activity, creating strong, durable solid wood creations. Among their many products are wooden toys, the kind that take us back to a different time when things were simpler and technology didn’t dominate the waking hours.

These are wooden toys made in the USA. Being made in an Amish woodshop, there are even options to customize these wood toys! Wood type, stain and other options are available on some Amish toys.

Wooden toys have been making great gifts for a long time. There’s nothing quite like a handmade wooden toy that stimulates the imagination, encourages creative play, and can be passed down for generations.

Here are the 10 Best Amish made wooden toys we offer, each making the perfect gift for the little ones in your life.

Deluxe Rocking Horse

A classic for playrooms, a solid wood rocking horse let’s the imagination run wild. Kids can rock and race, enjoying a wood toy that’s been a cherished favorite for ages.

  • Choice of medium or large
  • Solid oak wood in choice of stain
  • Choice of mane color (black or white)
Amish Oak Kid's Airplane Rocker
The Amish Wooden Airplane Rocker is another popular wood rocking toy.

Amish Wooden Checker Board

This wooden toy is a favorite for engaging the mind. The Amish Wooden Checker Board can be enjoyed by all ages and is a treasured staple among family game collections. There’s no concern about the board getting bent or ripped with this beautiful solid wood board.

  • Choice of standard or large board
  • Checkers included
  • Made with maple and walnut wood

Aggravation Board Game

Aggravation has remained a popular pick next to checkers and chess. Kids and adults can be challenged by this game of strategy, trying to figure out the best course to move their marbles without getting captured and causing some aggravation on their way to the win!

  • Solid oak wood

Amish Wooden Car Roller Racetrack

Little kids will delight in this solid wood racetrack with little solid wood cars. They can race and repeat, watching the path the cars take along the wood track. Friends and siblings can join in and claim their own car to race.

Amish Wooden Car Roller Racetrack
Amish Wooden Car Roller Racetrack
  • Solid pine wood
  • Includes four cars
  • Child-safe non-toxic finish

Surprise Spider Scare Box

This tricky little wood toy is fun for kids and adults. Open the box and a rubber spider pops out!

Also available is a Surprise Mouse Scare Box.

Amish Wooden Toy Train

A classic that’s special from the front car to the caboose, this toy train is handcrafted in solid wood. Durable to endure many years of play, this toy train can be passed on for generations.

  • Solid pine wood
  • Choice of harvest or multi-color finish

Amish Marble Roller Tulip Tree

With fun rolling sounds, marbles travel down this beautiful wood tree toy until they reach the bottom. This is a favorite among Amish children’s toys and provides hours of fascination for little ones. Friends can easily join in the fun.

  • Ships fully assembled
  • Marbles included

Amish Wooden Building Blocks

A staple for the playroom, these are wooden blocks you’ll have for generations. Featuring a variety of shapes, this wood toy is one of the original popular play toys. Kids can build, create, topple and repeat with durable, solid wood blocks in this collection.

  • Unfinished, sanded to perfection
  • Includes 30 blocks

Amish Wooden Toy Fishing Pole

Here’s the best wooden toy to bring fishing inside! Tickle the imagination as this wood pole launches to retrieve the fish. It is an excellent toy to sharpen fine motor skills.

  • 24” long
  • Comes with three fish magnets

Amish Wooden Toy Doll Crib

There’s nothing quite as delightful for little ones who love their dolls as a special doll crib to tuck them into. Handcrafted by the Amish, this doll crib has real spindles, an arched headboard and footboard, and squared posts. A fine wood toy for hours of creative play, it is durable and built to last so it can be handed down one day.

  • Solid pine wood
  • Four finish options
  • Fits American Girl dolls and many other baby dolls

Consider the benefits these Amish Made Wooden Toys bring.

  • No batteries required
  • Highly durable
  • Stimulates imagination, creative play
  • Engages small motor skills
  • Will not break like cheap toys made with plastic
  • Will not end up in a landfill
  • Quality build can be passed down as heirloom toys
  • Wood toys can be recycled

There you have it: 10 best Amish made wood toys. Which one is your favorite?

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