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The Staying Power of Scandinavian Design

Beth Rice 17/06/2021

Scandinavian design has staying power. How? Why? Is it the look? Or is it the feeling we get from it? What goes into Scandinavian design that keeps it a sought after design style for homes? Let’s take a look. What is Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design embraces a minimal, simple, uncluttered look that lets in light and celebrates nature. More than just a look, Scandinavian style aims to create balance within the household environment. It promotes… The Staying Power of Scandinavian Design

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Cherry vs. Walnut Wood for Furniture

Beth Rice 10/06/2021

We take another close look at comparing wood types, and this time it’s cherry versus walnut wood for furniture. Two popular wood types that are known and loved for their rich colors and distinguished looks, cherry and walnut have characteristics that make each of them unique. Let’s look at what these woods bring in terms of colors, grain pattern, workability and style. Cherry vs. Walnut Some conversations might revolve around the stunning reds of cherry… Cherry vs. Walnut Wood for Furniture

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Barrister Bookcase Backstory

Beth Rice 03/06/2021

The barrister bookcase was born out of necessity. Barristers, or lawyers that specialize in case law and represent clients in court, found themselves in need of a piece of furniture that could not only store volumes of reference books but also could be transported safely and easily as they traveled from court to court. Judges would be required to travel to different courts, and the barristers had to follow them. Enter the barrister bookcase that… Barrister Bookcase Backstory

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