Amish Swivel Gliders: Choosing the Perfect Seat for Your Home

Amish Solid Wood Swivel Gliders for the Nursery or Family Room

Durable. Beautiful. With custom upholstered fabric…or leather! 

That’s just the start of the custom options available on these gliders at DutchCrafters. As we compare these 4 beautiful swivel glider designs, you’ll see just how much control you have over your design when you shop at DutchCrafters. Shop all Amish Gliders and Rocking Chairs here!

Ball-bearing Glides

Smooth ball bearing glides provide exceptional comfort as you rock, swivel, or just find the perfect position to relax. This luxurious experience is much smoother than traditional rocking chairs.

Try All 4 in our Sarasota Showroom

Visitors rave about these gliders after sitting in them in our showroom, where they’re among the most viewed and enjoyed products on display! All 4 chairs can be found in our Amish Furniture Showroom in Sarasota, Florida! Stop by to try them out and chat with a furniture specialist about all your furniture needs. 

Nursery Glider

Glider chairs are a perfect addition to a nursery. Rock your baby effortlessly and soundlessly from the comfort of a swivel glider! This modern upgrade on the rocking chairs of old will amaze you. You won’t even want to leave the nursery even after the baby’s asleep! 

Gliders for the Living Room or Family Room

Don’t worry. You don’t need a newborn to invest in these exquisitely comfortable chairs! Many shoppers find our gliders more comfortable seats for long periods than even recliners or sofas!

They make a great addition to a living room, family room, or reading nook. So, settle into your swivel glider and turn on the TV, crack open a book, or cozy up by the fire. 

Which glider is right for your home? 

Amish Monson Swivel Glider

 Settle into the curves of the Monson Swivel Glider with an ergonomic, T-shaped backrest and accented, solid wood side panels! 

Features of the Monson Swivel Glider

  • Contemporary Style Design
  • T-shaped back rest
  • 2 horizontal seams in the back padding
  • Octagonal base
  • Angular side panels with wavy wooden accents

Side shot of the London Swivel Glider with off-white leather and gray solid wood on a white background

Amish Taymouth High Back Swivel Glider

Sink into the cozy Amish Taymouth Swivel Glider with upholstered armrests and side panels and a round, solid wood base. 

Features of the Taymouth Swivel Glider

  • Thick cushioned backrest
  • Upholstered armrests
  • Fabric covered side panels
  • Circular base
  • Curvy, subtly reclining backrest

The Paris Swivel Glider with teal fabric and upholstered armrests and gray wood sits on a white background

Amish Keswick Swivel Glider with Platform Base

Discover the gorgeous Amish Keswick Swivel Glider with mission style slats in the side panels and an octagonal solid wood base.

Features of the Keswick Swivel Glider

  • Mission Style Design
  • Three straight vertical seams in back padding
  • Tight row of decorative upholstery tacks
  • Straight, square armrests with subtle scoops for comfort
  • Vertical slats and straight lines in side panels
  • Octagonal base

Mission Swivel Glider with teal fabric and gray stain on white backgorund

Cosette Swivel Glider

Enjoy the elegance of the Cosette Swivel Glider with decorative, curled armrests and curvy grounded design features. 

Features of the Cosette Swivel Glider

  • Two curved, vertical seams in back padding
  • Decorative upholstery tacks with gaps between them
  • Elegantly curved armrests
  • Rounded side panels
  • Octagonal base

Cosette Amish Swivel Glider Chair with off-white leather and a gray stain on a white background

How to Customize a Swivel Glider Design at DutchCrafters

The benefit of shopping at DutchCrafters is that you have countless options to choose from! Between the product offerings, wood, stain, hardware, and upholstery options, you may be able to create a product never ordered before!

Large Selection of Products

We’re happy to offer the largest selection of Amish furniture products online, with over 15,000 products from more than 150 wood shops. In this video alone, you can compare 4 swivel glider designs ranging from Mission style to Contemporary style. 

Countless Custom Options

Then, you’re presented with custom options for each product, including the wood type, stain color, varnish sheen, hardware style, and upholstery material and color. These 4 separate glider designs in totally different styles were made to match with the same wood type and stain color in each. Two were garbed in an off-white leather and the other two donned a light blue-gray fabric. 

Where to Start

Let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what design and custom options you come up with! Start shopping our entire selection of Rocking Chairs and Gliders or any other furniture you need right here at DutchCrafters

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