Amish Table Test: How Many People Can We Get On a Table?

How many people can we get on top of an Amish table? We decided to put our furniture to the test…and wish you happy holidays in the process! We’ve always known our furniture is strong but we didn’t realize it was THAT strong!

The test

This furniture durability test features an Amish made table. We conducted this test by adding people one-at-a-time to see how much the table could take. Our director of marketing, Debra, climbed up first and then invited the rest of us to join. As we piled on, some had to sit on the front edge as others stood in the back. Just like any other staff photo, except…higher.

The product

One of our Amish made conference tables sits in our large conference room every day, and that table served as the test subject. This double pedestal table features a wide, strong base and thick, solid wood tabletop. It’s built to be about as durable as possible. But all Amish dining tables here at DutchCrafters are made to last our of solid wood with only the best construction techniques honed by generations of Amish woodworkers.

The result

We were worried once the count reached double digits, but the table barely even creaked. The heirloom-quality table withstood the weight of 18 members of our staff as we piled on this durable dining table and posed for a picture. Even with 18 people (and over 2500 lbs), our weight still wasn’t a problem. The only limitation was space on the tabletop. We don’t recommend you try this standing on the table test at home. Especially if it’s not an Amish table. From all of us at DutchCrafters, we hope your table is full of friends and family this holiday season. Blessings to you and your family this winter. Shop Amish tables and much more Amish furniture online at DutchCrafters. Custom order the perfect furniture for your home (or conference room) and have it’ll be delivered right to your door!

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