After Purchasing: Tips for Shooting & Sharing Your Furniture Photos & Videos

Congratulations! You made a great selection and added a beautiful piece of furniture to your home. But you probably can’t invite all your friends and family over to see it in person; that’s where photos and videos come in! We’d love to help you show it off. Here are a few tips for shooting and sharing your furniture photos and videos.

Smartphone Photography

If you have a smartphone, let’s grab it and use the camera to capture some great shots of your new furniture.


The first and most important tip: identify where the light is coming from in your room. You always want the primary light to be behind you, not behind the furniture. Your camera will adjust to the brightest light coming toward it, so if you take this photo with bright light coming in the window behind the furniture, your furniture will be little more than a silhouette. Close the blinds or take your pictures at night and make sure your furniture is well-lit from behind you. If you can’t fully light your furniture from behind the camera, ceiling lights above the furniture can help. Use your camera’s flash only if the location is very dark and there’s no other way to light it. Flash can create harsh reflections, so it’s best to avoid, if possible.

Eliminating Blurry Photos

Lastly, hold it as steady as you can. It may not feel like it but tapping on your screen shakes the whole phone and results in blurry photos! Brace your arms against your torso or an object, frame your photo, and touch the shutter button gently. You’ll end up with crisp, sharp photos every time.

Shooting Video with Smartphones

Video is an even better way to share your furniture than pictures! We’d love to see a video of your furniture from all angles. Walk around your furniture and tell us about it while you record. Talk about the options you selected, your experience with a furniture specialist, and what you love about your piece! When shooting your video, follow the photography tips and hold your camera in a horizontal orientation to better display your entire piece in your room.

Sharing Your Photos and Videos

There are 3 great ways to share your photos and videos!

Review DutchCrafters Online

One. Post a review of DutchCrafters on Google or Yelp and include your photos.

Post to Social Media

Two. Post photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag your friends you want to share them with and us: @dutchcrafters. Videos are best for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Post on our Customer Testimonials Page

And, three. You can also join our thousands of satisfied customers whose experiences are shared on our customer testimonials page!

Summary of Furniture Photo and Video Tips

So, in summary: use a smartphone, light your room from behind the camera, and hold your camera steady. Shoot video in horizontal orientation. And share your furniture on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Google. We look forward to seeing your furniture soon!

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