Cedar Log Nightstand with Hidden Compartment

What would you do with a hidden compartment in your nightstand? You can make that answer a reality with the Amish Log Nightstand with Optional Hidden Compartment from the Amish Log Furniture Collection at DutchCrafters. 

Log Furniture

The Amish Log Furniture Collection is made in northern Indiana’s Amish community in a small woodshop. Learn more about the shop where this collection is built in our Amish Log Furniture Collection video. This unique collection combines the durability of Amish solid wood craftsmanship with the rustic style of log furniture. The collection goes beyond bedroom furniture to offer dining, living room, bars, and desks as well. 

Custom Options on your Log Nightstand 

This log nightstand is shown in this video with cedar wood. However, we are happy to offer several more wood options as well. Read on to hear all of the custom options available to you when you order from DutchCrafters. 

Wood Type

Red Cedar has a knobby, knotted white exterior with lots of character. But the biggest draw to Cedar is its vibrant, red heartwood that’s displayed on this nightstand’s top. Cedar carries a distinctive, rich scent that naturally repels bugs and pests. 

Plain Pine is a straight, soft wood with light color. It features some knots and sap streaks, but not the rough knots of Cedar. 

Rustic Pine features pine logs with a darker exterior and more character than plain pine. 

Aspen Wood is a unique log for furniture that maintains a striking contrast between the light color of its heartwood lumber and the dark tone of its logs. Aspen has lots of character caused by bug marks, deer and elk scratches, and other natural weathering it sustains while it lives.  

The Aspen Walnut Combination is our final wood option. This combines the exterior character of Aspen wood with the luxurious, smooth, dark tones of Walnut. 


The nightstand shown in this video has a small top drawer above two doors. This Drawer + Doors configuration is our first option. 

The nightstand is also available in a 2-Drawer layout with no interior shelving. 

Finally, you can opt for a 3-Drawer design that gives you three smaller drawers and no interior shelving. 

Hidden Compartment

The hidden compartment is optional. As you can see in the video, when built with a hidden compartment, the top slides away to reveal a compartment underneath. With this feature added, the height of the top drawer is limited to just a few inches. If you prefer to have a full-height top drawer and no hidden compartment, that option is available to you.  

Log Furniture Bedroom Set

This nightstand, though special in its own right, serves best when surrounded by a full log bedroom set. The collection includes numerous bed and dresser options, but the best fit with this nightstand is the Rustic Log Bookcase Bed featuring a bookcase headboard. The Rustic Log 10 Drawer Dresser is a great storage piece to match, complete with a dresser top mirror. 

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