The Story of the Amish Log Furniture Collection at DutchCrafters

The Amish Log Furniture Collection is a unique collection of furniture at DutchCrafters, the largest online Amish furniture store. It is the only collection that exclusively offers furniture made of Pine, Aspen, and Cedar logs. But this intriguing collection couldn’t have come to be without the woodshop’s founder and his unique approach to furniture. Here is his story.

Meet Ray Miller

Ray Miller worked in the landscaping business in his Northern Indiana Amish community. But with their harsh northern winters, landscaping was limited to a seasonal job. Ray started looking for something he could do year-round.  

Ray’s start in woodworking

In January of 2004, Ray made a move to pursue one of his lifelong interests: he started his own woodworking shop! But as Ray looked around at his community, he noticed something.  

“I guess I just thought, everybody else was doing traditional furniture already. I wanted to do something different.”  

The Amish Log Furniture Collection

The shop Ray opened in 2004 would later become known as the Amish Log Furniture Collection at DutchCrafters. Rather than producing furniture with traditional lumber, he specialized in building furniture with Pine, Aspen, and Cedar logs!  

Characteristics of Log Furniture

This unique design creates furniture with natural, rustic character where every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Each log has its own thickness, curves, knots, and coloration—especially with Cedar’s distinctive red interior. Aspen logs may even display scratch marks caused by Elk and Deer!  

Here are more differentiators between these logs: 

  • Pine is the most affordable log furniture option. Pine is lightweight and light-colored wood. It is a clean wood pattern with few dark marks. However, it takes dents and damages more easily than the hardwood options. Pine may also sustain a bit of discoloration with a yellowish sap that appears over furniture’s first couple of years in your home. 
  • Aspen wood offers character. This light-colored wood is accented by worm marks, dark stains, and scratch marks from Elk and Deer. Aspen logs are perfect for the Log Cabin aesthetic with their natural, distinctive characteristics. 
  • Cedar wood is differentiated by two elements: its color and its smell. Though the sapwood near the edges of cedar logs is generally light in color, the heartwood inside cedar logs is a rich red tone, adding flecks of coloration that can give your log furniture a remarkable design. Secondly, cedar is known for its distinctive scent that adds a pleasant aroma while repelling bugs and pests. 

Ray’s woodshop today

What started as a 40-foot by 60-foot shop has more than doubled in size and now has nine employees. His shop sits between a horse pasture and his beautiful home and flower beds, tended to by his wife. Looking back, Ray is just happy he started the business when he did. Now, no matter the weather, he can devote his time to the work he loves.

Today, we’re happy to offer you a wide variety of furniture designs from the Amish Log Furniture Collection—your source for beautiful log Pine, Aspen, and Cedar furniture.  

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