Poly Bird Feeders from DutchCrafters [Video]

DutchCrafters poly bird feeders are everything you want in a birdfeeder: American made, easy to clean, long-lasting, and beautiful–even before the birds arrive! Shop our huge selection of birdfeeder designs and select your custom colors to get the perfect one for you.  

Birdfeeder Types

Choose from ground birdfeeders, hanging birdfeeders, and pole-mounted feeders. For small birds or large.

  • DutchCrafters Ground Birdfeeders are great for patios, porches, or backyards where there’s limited risk of on-the-ground pests and predators getting to them. Options include open trays, covered trays, and even a removable tray for easier cleaning. 
  • Traditional, hanging feeders are the go-to option for many reasons. Of course, birds love to feel safe, hidden away from predators up in the air. Hanging feeders are harder to access by squirrels, raccoons, and most other predators. And lastly, hanging feeders add beauty to the landscaping while hanging from trees, porches, or stakes–often with bright colors and unusual shapes.
  • Pole-mounted feeders are the last way to set up your birdfeeders. Pole mounts can handle heavier weights and larger designs than hanging feeders. They’re far more secure than hanging feeders in the wind and stormy weather, keeping both your birdhouse and the birds inside safe. A less common setup than hanging, pole mounting has its place in gardens and native landscaping. We encourage you to consider whether a pole-mounted feeder is a good choice for you!

Colors and Customization

It’s up to you! Poly lumber comes in dozens of bright colors and natural tones, from white to black. Simply choose the perfect color (or color combination) for your outdoor space! And, if you have any ideas for customizing your design, get in touch! We’ll see what we can do.

Convenient Design

Enjoy the convenience of mesh floors for drainage, easy-fill designs, and easy-to-clean poly lumber. 

  • Mesh floors on ground birdfeeders and raised feeders allow water to drain away while the birdfeed stays in place. Other designs include wire grids to hold feed in place while allowing birds access to it through the metal grates.
  • Our feeders all have open designs, removable roofs, or removable panels for easy filling with feed!
  • Along with the removable panels and trays, the convenience of poly lumber makes DutchCrafters bird feeders easy to clean. Simply spray it down with water or scrub with a soapy mixture and let it dry!

High-quality Construction with Poly Lumber

Poly lumber is the perfect material for birdfeeders. It’s eco-friendly recycled plastic. And it comes in boards that can be worked with just like wood! That makes it perfect for Amish woodworkers to use their skill in woodcraft to fashion beautiful designs.

Ordering Bird Feeders from DutchCrafters

So, what can you expect from your DutchCrafters birdfeeder? An elegant design, built to last from recycled plastic, delivered to your door. Simply mount it, hang it, or position it and fill it with feed. Then watch your birds for years to come.  Beautiful, eco-friendly birdfeeders built to last by Amish craftspeople right here in America.  Only from DutchCrafters 

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