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If you’re searching for Amish Living Room Furniture, we have just the place for you. The Arts & Crafts Furniture Collection is our top living room furniture shop at DutchCrafters. Customers love their beautiful, Mission-style designs and the consistent build quality. We’ve worked with AJ Beachy for years and have all the confidence in the world that you’ll love his furniture as much as we do. 

Get to Know the Woodworker: AJ Beachy

AJ Beachy loves the forests of the United States. In fact, his favorite activity in his free time is hiking and camping in the mountains. But when AJ returns home to his rural Indiana Amish community, he doesn’t leave his connection to the trees behind. 

Starting His Own Woodshop

AJ and his wife Inez launched their own solid wood furniture shop in 2000 after AJ learned the trade in his brother’s dining chair shop. While his mother-in-law Fannie sewed the cushions, AJ developed a specialty: building Mission-style sofa and chair frames. This is really where AJ made a name for himself. He came up with new furniture designs, expanded his catalog, and started building recliners and occasional tables as well. Over 20+ years in business, they’ve grown steadily, adding on to their shop and taking on more and more of the process right in their own shop. 

A Start-to-Finish Wood Shop

Today, all four of Inez and AJ’s kids, along with 18 more employees, work in the shop: cutting lumber, building furniture, finishing the wood, and sewing upholstery to make cushions. Lumber is brought in near back of their large, white shop. It’s sorted and organized. Pieces for the furniture are built near the back. Then, the pieces are moved toward the front into the assembly section, where the frame is joined and glued together. Toward the front of the shop, you’ll find the finishing section.
Unlike some shops that send their furniture out to a separate finishing shop, AJ’s does their own! After staining and varnishing, it’s set out to dray. Finally, the furniture reaches the upholstery section in front where cushions are installed and the furniture is ready to go out the door!  Through the entire process, from the assembly in the back to upholstery in the front, your furniture is handled with care and personally inspected every step of the way.  

Amish Furniture Cushions & Upholstery

Upholstery sewing is done in-house and even the fabric material comes from the shop just next door, Heartland Fabric, which AJ co-founded in 2005! This makes the Arts & Crafts Furniture Collection unique: they are a start-to-finish shop, building nearly all of the components themselves and even finishing their own furniture in-house!  

All You Need to Know About the Arts & Crafts Furniture Collection

The collection is best known today for its extremely popular Mission style recliners, but keep a lookout for durable rustic Rough Sawn designs and the smooth lines of their Contemporary line as well. The shop is busy creating quality living room furniture from start to finish. He summarizes their work this way:
“All we really want is the chance to build a quality product and make customers happy.” 
So shop the Arts & Crafts Furniture Collection for living room furniture in a variety of styles, all built in a family-owned shop in Indiana’s farmland. 
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