Aristo Shield Protective Polish Video: The Key Test

After the test shown in this video, we can confidently recommend that you clean and protect your solid wood furniture with Aristo Shield. Buy the Aristo Shield Protective Polish, product 64312, here at DutchCrafters. We set up a test in which we polished a section of the tabletop with Aristo Shield and left another section unpolished. We found that the keys slid much smoother and faster on the polished section, stopping more abruptly after leaving the polished section. It was also scratch-free, thanks to the protective characteristics of this unique polish. You purchased solid wood furniture for the beauty of the wood grain, the durability of the wood, and the value it would add to your home. Now don’t gunk it up with silicone-based polishes. Solid wood furniture is light on maintenance, but it is important to care for it with just a few simple steps. One of those is to clean and polish it with a simple, water-based polish. After completing the polish test, we wholeheartedly recommend Aristo Shield for any wood furniture, and it’s our top choice for wood featuring a low sheen finish! Click to Shop the Aristo Shield Polish

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