Cedar Hope Chest Video

Inhale. Breathe it in. Enjoy the warm, natural aroma coming from the cedar hope chest video. Wait…sorry! The scent is the part we can’t capture on video. You’ll have to wait on the cedar smell and the feel of the smooth grain of the wood until yours arrives. Until then, enjoy the sight of the cedar hope chest in this video!

Why make a cedar hope chest video?

We made a video about this product line because we recently received this hope chest to display in our Sarasota Amish furniture store and we just had to show it off before it sells. When we opened the box, a crowd of furniture specialists and employees gathered around to take in the smell and begin to dream about a storage chest like this in their home. Pictures alone can’t quite do it justice, so we decided to show you the angles you might not see in just pictures.

What do we love about this storage chest?

We all love the rustic, natural knotholes, pits, and streaks in the wood that complement the scent. The red tone of the wood (even in the un-finished interior) sets it apart from other wood types. And lastly, we like that (as a softwood) it’s lightweight compared to our hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry. That just makes it more convenient to move around the home.

Why choose cedar wood?

  • Scent: Cedar wood is chosen primarily for the smell. For centuries, storage boxes have been made of cedar wood or made with a cedar inlay or interior for the scent that’s released when it’s opened. In fact, we also offer new hardwood storage chests with cedar interiors if you prefer an upgrade to hardwood exterior.
  • Rustic design: If the rustic, streaky exterior complements your room’s decor, a full chest of cedar is the best choice for you.
  • Repels insects: The aromatic scent has the added benefit of repelling insects.
  • Price: Cedar and pine, as softwoods, are less dense than our more popular hardwoods, but they’re also significantly more affordable!

Which cedar wood hope chest is featured in this video?

In this video, we feature the Basic Medium Cedar Hope Chest, product 12542, a simple design that measures 36” W x 17½” D x 18½”H for 5.1 cubic feet of storage. If you would like to customize your options when ordering, follow the link above. Prefer a larger or smaller size? More ornate design? A seating space on top? All are available with our Cedar Hope Chests category.

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