Create your Dream Furniture: DutchCrafters Showroom Video

Create your dream furniture at the DutchCrafters showroom in Sarasota, Florida. In this video, we introduce you to a new type of store: one that makes your dream home possible with made-to-order custom solid wood furniture.

Fast Furniture

That’s it. The fast furniture industry had its chance. At DutchCrafters, we believe that furniture should be good for you, good for America, and good for the Earth. But big box stores keep selling cheap particle board furniture that ends up in the landfill! We’ve had it with cheap furniture purchased and brought into your home just to be thrown away within a year or two! You’ve heard of fast food. You know how destructive fast fashion can be to the environment and the sweatshop workers making garments. It’s time to take a stand against fast furniture, which takes advantage of more and more customers every year. With the growth of online furniture that’s purchased merely based on a cheap price and a trendy design, customers are receiving products that are simply not made to last. Between the manufacturing to create this furniture, the poor experience using the furniture, and the short lifespan before the furniture is thrown away, fast furniture is simply bad for everyone.

The Slow Furniture Movement

So join the slow furniture movement. Custom order solid wood furniture that’s built to last, right here in America. We do online sales differently. By leaning on the Amish woodworking tradition, we connect high-quality hardwood furniture crafted here in America with families across the country. Order your furniture just as you like it, wait as your furniture is handcrafted in woodshops in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and then receive your furniture delivered straight to your door! It’s slow, it’s intentional, and it is better for all.

Create your Dream Furniture

Why do we say, “Create your dream furniture?” Because we really believe that you won’t find you dream furniture in a superstore. You may find a piece that pretty well fits your aesthetic. Something with elements you like and other details you dislike. But to really get the perfect piece for your home? You need to be able to make the decisions about every part of the process. Create your dream furniture, with solid wood furniture made to order.

Shop Online and In-store

Start your shopping experience online at Then call in to talk with a furniture specialist for their expert advice. And, if you’re in the Sarasota area or need a vacation to our sun and beaches, don’t miss the chance to stop by the DutchCrafters showroom. Here in the showroom, you won’t see every product we offer. Not even close. But you will find examples of nearly every feature, wood type, distressing, or finish that you’re considering. And with the chance to meet your personal furniture specialist in person to iron out the details of your order, this is the perfect place for you to finalize the details of your custom furniture order. Step in the door. Make your dream furniture a reality.

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