DutchCrafters Complaints: What do customers say about DutchCrafters?

Our goal is for every DutchCrafters Amish furniture order to go just as plannedBut let’s face it: nothing in life is perfect. What we can guarantee is that we’ll be there to help if you need it. Today, we’re talking DutchCrafters complaints, and these are the biggest complaints customers have about ordering Amish furniture from DutchCrafters.    There are 2 major reasons that customers complain: missed information about furniture and orders and when reality does not meet expectations. We’ll dive into some of the most significant examples of each of these.  

Missed Information

Waiting on furniture: build time

The first issue is with miscommunication when shoppers miss information that they should know about their build time, pricing, and furniture assembly. The biggest complaint we get is, “It’s taking too long to receive my furniture!” In the era of two-day shipping and minimal options, we understand it. But nearly everything is made to order just for you. In fact, your furniture may be the only piece in the country in that unique style, wood, finish, and hardware. You can find the individual product build time listed on every product page and the build & finish time for your entire order on the order tracking page after placing your order. And then, after your furniture is built and finished, don’t forget to allow 2-3 weeks for your furniture to be loaded onto the next available truck and delivered to your home or business. Because your delivery is just one part of a cross-country furniture delivery trip, your 2-3 week window will be narrowed down to a specific day after the driver contacts you to build their trip’s schedule. If you have a deadline when you need your furniture, please talk to a furniture specialist about your concerns. 

What’s my DutchCrafters order REALLY going to cost?

We want to be clear up front about our pricing.

  1. First, with stain samples: put simply, we’ll send you 4 stain samples in the wood type of your choice and charge a deposit. Send them back within 30 days and your deposit will be refunded! Watch our stain sample video for more.
  2. Secondly, our products are all priced based on standard options. Our extensive options system tells you the price of each option.
  3. If you require customizations beyond our options, we’ll create a quote for your additional customization.
  4. Finally, you have some options for delivery. Although there are select products that ship free, we typically offer two simple options for hardwood indoor furniture: curbside delivery or indoor delivery. These two pricing options are flat rate on your entire order.
  5. Lastly, if you are required to pay sales tax in your state, it will be added during checkout.

Delivery options

  • Curbside delivery means your furniture will be unloaded off the truck and you are responsible for taking it in the house.
  • “White glove” inside delivery, at a higher cost, means your drivers will unload and assemble the furniture in your preferred room and remove all packaging for you. 

Learn more about delivery at our Amish Furniture Delivery page.

My furniture needs assembly?

Another complaint is that customers aren’t aware that they may be required to assemble some pieces. For example, table bases must be attached to tabletops after delivery. And the two wings of L-desks must be connected. Check your product page and ask a furniture specialist what is required for assembly. If you expect you might be without the tools, physical ability, or know-how to assemble it, simply play it safe and select inside delivery when purchasing to have your furniture assembled for you! 

Reality Doesn’t Match Expectations 

Problems with delivery

The second section of our DutchCrafters complaints is when reality doesn’t match your expectation. You have the right to complain if your furniture arrives damaged or missing pieces. Which is why we have a whole video about the topic: what to do if you have problems with delivery. Watch it next.  

My furniture finish doesn’t match my stain sample!

We do field complaints that the finish on furniture doesn’t match the sample chosen. But I can tell you now, it won’t. I mean, not precisely. When working with a natural material like wood, every tree has variations and every piece of lumber takes stain differently. It’s that variety that will make it uniquely yours. But our finish specialists are among the best in the country at applying stain and completing the finishing process as consistently as possible. If anyone can give you your color stain, it’s the experts in the Amish finish shops. So, we recommend you pick your stain, send back the samples, and let yourself fall in love with the wood variation and tone of finish you receive—which we expect will be very similar to your sample selection.  

Off-gassing (My Furniture Smells!)

You may be surprised about a smell coming from your furniture after it arrives. Off-gassing is the process of fumes being released after finishing the wood, and unfortunately there’s no avoiding it. Some people are more sensitive to the fumes than others, but it may take a few weeks for the odor to dissipate. Keep the furniture in a well-ventilated area during this process.  

My furniture cracked! Managing seasonal wood shifting

The biggest cause of damage to solid wood furniture in your home is seasonal wood shifting. This is the process of swelling and compressing that occurs in wood due to temperature and humidity changes. With solid wood, you must keep the furniture in a stable climate or seasonal wood movement may permanently damage your furniture!  

Plywood in my solid wood furniture?

We also hear complaints when customers receive “solid wood furniture” to find it has plywood in it. Believe it or not, this is essential. And this ifor the reason I just explained. If door and drawer panels were all made from solid wood, the seasonal movement would break the piece! Instead, heavy duty plywood with a matching finish is used where appropriate to maintain stability without risking damage to the furniture.  

Summary of DutchCrafters Complaints

So there you have it: the biggest DutchCrafters complaints about shopping for Amish furniture come down to missed information and unmet expectations. But don’t let this frighten you. With the largest collection of Amish furniture online, we coordinate with a lot of woodworkers and a lot of delivery drivers to ship large, heavy furniture all over the country. It’s a hard job, but after more than 15 years, we’re very good at it. Don’t take our word for it. Read through the hundreds of customer testimonials on our website, including many who went through customer service issues and still ended up thrilled with their furniture. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about these issues. 

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