What to Do If You Have Problems with Your Furniture Delivery

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Ahhh!! It’s a nightmare! After ordering high-end custom furniture online and waiting months for delivery, it arrives, and you find…something’s not right. It’s broken, the wrong color, or even the wrong product! All we can say is, don’t panic. We’re here to help. Watch as we break down what to do if you have problems with your furniture delivery from DutchCrafters.  It’s delivery day. You’ve read all the instructions. And watched the Furniture Delivery Essentials video and Delivery Tips and Tricks video. You decided on either curbside or inside delivery. You measured your space and entryways to make sure the furniture will fit. And your driver arrives. But what if something is wrong?  

When the furniture is delivered

First step

The first thing to do when your furniture arrives is to unwrap the packaging and inspect it. If anything’s wrong, we want to know right away. Look it over on all sides to make sure there are no scratches, dents, or scuffs. Then open and close all doors and drawers and make sure there are no missing parts or pieces.  If you receive curbside delivery, this means unwrapping and inspecting it outside, with the driver, before they leave.  

What if there are furniture delivery problems?

If anything is amiss, please take pictures and give us a call right away, while the driver is still there. We’ll talk you through the process and see how we can immediately help you out. If it’s outside of our normal business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern time, Monday to Friday, please send us pictures of the issue and leave a message or email customerservice@dutchcrafters.com with an explanation. Communicate the issue to the driver and make notes on the delivery sign-off sheet as well. Then accept delivery of the item. Our team of delivery and customer service specialists will get to work on your issue right away during work hours.  

Was it damaged in shipping?

If your furniture was damaged in shipping, we should be able to have it repaired. Using a nationwide network of repair specialists, we may have a technician visit your home to fix scratches and dents on the spot. More serious damage may require a longer process to fix or replace. However, unless we or the driver tell you to, it won’t help for you to refuse to accept delivery of the furniture.  

Is your furniture missing parts?

Missing parts, such as hardware or screws, will quickly be mailed to you from the shop.

Something looks wrong!

And if the furniture is not as expected, we’ll gather your concerns to map out the best next steps. We cannot take returns on your custom-built furniture, but if we or our shops made a mistake, you can trust that we’ll acknowledge and fix our mistake at no cost to you. We just ask for your time as we resolve the issue.  

What about problems after furniture delivery?

If you notice issues after your furniture delivery, please let us know as soon as you notice them. We can’t be held responsible if you damage furniture moving it into your home after curbside delivery, so it’s vitally important that you inspect your furniture carefully on arrival. If you have concerns about moving your furniture into your home, we highly recommend selecting white glove inside delivery! For more issues that may arise after delivery, watch our new customer complaints video 

We are here to help

Please accept our apologies for any problem that may arise, but just know that you won’t be abandoned. We’ll be here to work through the issue with you until the problem is resolved. Contact us! 

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