Introduction to Poly Outdoor Furniture

Did you know there’s an outdoor furniture that’s weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly? Watch this introduction to poly outdoor furniture and then find the right set for your home!

Poly Furniture at DutchCrafters

At DutchCrafters, you’ll find hundreds of outdoor lounge and dining furniture designs made of poly lumber and built by Amish woodworkers. Our Amish poly products include outdoor lounge furniture and outdoor dining furniture. At DutchCrafters, we love to help Americans enjoy their porch, yard, pool, or beach. Don’t miss out on your life outside! 

What are the Benefits of Poly Furniture?

Poly is the perfect outdoor furniture, and this is the perfect time to order your poly furniture and enjoy the outdoors all year round! This amazing, low-maintenance product is UV-, mold-, and water-resistant. And requires no sealant or re-finishing. That means all you have to do is wash it occasionally with soap and water. 

Why Not Get Poly Furniture? 

That’s a great question! We think it’s the best outdoor furniture for many people. But here are a few complaints we’ve heard about Poly.

  • It’s expensive. Outdoor furniture is made in hundreds of materials and countless designs, some of them quite cheap and flimsy. So, compared to some of these poorly-built products, the sticker price for Poly Furniture may look high to some people. In reality, though, the value is exceptional when you account for how long it will last and how heavy it is. 
  • It’s heavy. Because of the durable design, poly furniture is quite heavy. With the exception of certain products built with wheels, it can be harder to move around. If you intend to move your furniture by yourself often and you struggle with heavy objects, it may not be the best choice for you. The flipside of this is that it won’t blow away! Even in winds on the beach or stormy winters, poly furniture will stay put much better than most outdoor furniture designs.
  • You can’t change the color. Unlike wood furniture, it’s not designed to be painted. So, we recommend sticking with the color it’s made in. That just means you get low maintenance ownership for years and years with no scraping or painting is needed!
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