Push-to-Open Drawers: New at DutchCrafters

You’ll be surprised by the modern style and ingenious design sense of Amish woodworkers! See the revolutionary new push-to-open drawers at DutchCrafters. The Barkman Furniture Collection at DutchCrafters features new, push-to-open drawers on their storage pieces. This convenient, modern option does more than provide functionality, though. It also makes a design statement, allowing for a sleek, minimalist design with no visible handles or hardware.
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Benefits of push-to-open Drawers

Clean Design

The push-to-open drawer slides offered by Barkman are a game-changer, allowing for sleek, smooth design. No handles means nothing interrupting the beautiful, solid wood paneling. it means the drawers can lie perfectly flush with the trim around them.


The absence of handles means nothing to bump into, rub against, or catch your clothing on as you brush by a dresser or nightstand. But it also means easy opening with an armload full of laundry! You don’t want to find somewhere to set your stack of neatly folded clothes down just to open a drawer! Bump it open and keep the stack neat and tidy as you lay it in the drawer.

Custom designs with push-to-open drawer slides

The benefits of push-to-open drawer slides go far beyond basic storage pieces. Push-to-open drawers and the absence of handles mean that drawers can be hidden anywhere; add secret drawers to desks, nightstands, or cabinets and don’t worry about finding a way to slip grasp a drawer without handles. Just bump it open!  Can you think of a dream use for push-to-open drawers? We can make it happen! Send us your custom furniture idea and we’ll work together to make it happen. Call us today! 866-272-6773




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