Lighting Fixtures that Enhance Decor

Beth Rice 21/07/2022

One popular design trend this year involves getting creative with lighting fixtures that enhance décor and make a statement. How does lighting contribute to a room? What new looks are out there that will add to the design and still contribute enough light for the room’s activities?

Let’s take a look.

How Home Lighting Contributes

The light in any room contributes to both the look and mood of the room. Three main types of lighting contribute in different ways. They are ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is background lighting that flows throughout the room. It’s not enough light for certain tasks like drawing or knitting where you need brighter light to work by. Light fixtures like pendant lights, ceiling fixtures and chandeliers can all provide ambient lighting.

Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Circular LED Pendant
The Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Circular LED Pendant contributes to ambient light.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is where you can get creative. It can be used for decoration with options like floor lamps and table lamps to add a little highlight to the space.

Hubbardton Forge Antasia Table Lamp
Accentuate easily with the Hubbardton Forge Antasia Table Lamp. Several light fixtures like this one are on display and can be seen at DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides the light you need for particular tasks, like reading in a recliner or doing a puzzle on the coffee table. It’s brighter than ambient lighting for when you need more light to see. Desk lamps and table lamps are good examples of fixtures that provide task lighting.

Hubbardton Forge Almost Infinity Table Lamp
A table lamp like the Hubbardton Forge Almost Inifinity Table Lamp provides a steady stream of light for tasks.

Good Home Light Habits

Focal Points

Choose a central focal point for lighting fixtures you want to highlight. Larger rooms are best for this, like showcasing a chandelier in the dining room or entryway.

Hubbardton Forge Dahlia Chandelier
Create a stunning focal point with the Hubbardton Forge Dahlia Chandelier in your entryway.


While it’s fun to supply your home with lamps and lighting fixtures of different shapes and sizes, it’s important to consider scale. Don’t add a light fixture that overpowers a space or one that’s too small to contribute a full effect.

American Made Fiona Beaded Chandelier
Scale is important. The American Made Fiona Beaded Chandelier stands out without overtaking the space in this dining area. Several light fixtures like this one are on display and can be seen at DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom.


Adjusting the light with dimmers is an easy way to create a new mood in the room. Dimmers cast a soft glow, and they can also help reduce your electricity bill. Be sure to get bulbs that are compatible with the dimmers you ‘d like to use.

New Looks for Lighting

Lighting fixtures in 2022 are ready to take center stage. Some rival works of art, bringing in unique shapes and designs, made possible by the wide range of light bulbs to use with them.


Wedgewood Lighting
The Wedgewood uses 40 watt vintage round Edison bulbs.
American Made Wedgewood Lighting
American Made Wedgewood Lighting. Several light fixtures like this are on display and can be seen at DutchCrafters Sarasota Showroom.

Chandeliers are lighting fixtures you can make a statement with. LED lights and different sized bulbs allow for sculpture-like chandeliers to be displayed as works of art. They offer a good amount of light and come with a large dose of wow factor.

American Made Malibu Beaded Chandelier
The American Made Malibu Beaded Chandelier is sure to draw all eyes.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps contribute to ambient lighting, but also supply brighter light. Many have options to adjust the light to three different levels depending on what you need.  They’re easy to move which makes them nice when a room might need a refresh. They don’t take up a lot of floor space and come in a variety of lamp shades and shapes to contribute to the room’s design.

Hubbardton Forge Twist Basket Swing Arm Floor Lamp
The Hubbardton Forge Twisted Basket Swing Arm Floor Lamp provides light for reading in a cozy recliner.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are available in a variety of shapes and colors and can contribute to the décor of a room. Lamp shades are an opportunity to add color or pattern. They sit on top of another piece of furniture like sofa tables, nightstands or accent tables. Sets of table lamps help to balance a room, and they can be moved easily.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights usually hang from the ceiling by a cable or stem. The light they provide can shine down to highlight an area of a room, such as over a kitchen island or dining room table. They can be hung at different heights and are compatible with wider spaces. They’re also another way to get decorative with lighting, and they cost less than a chandelier.

Hubbardton Forge Airis Low Voltage Mini Pendant
The Hubbardton Forge Airis Low Voltage Mini Pendants create a nice highlight for the room.

Tips for Updating Current Light Fixtures

Replace old lamp shades.

Adding a new lamp shade in a fresh color or pattern updates your light fixture and contributes something fresh to the room.

Replace light bulbs.

This simple update can set the mood for the room depending on the bulbs you use. There are plenty of energy efficient bulbs that can help save energy. Add to the look with colored LED bulbs for added fun.

Spray paint a lamp base.

This easy update can bring in a new accent color you wish to feature and make your lamp look like new.

Hubbardton Forge Light Fixtures

Several of the lighting fixtures you find in this post are made by Hubbardton Forge. Hubbardton Forge is a modern light manufacturer that offers a variety of unique modern light fixtures that stand out. The materials they use are locally sourced, and they are highly conscious of being kind to the environment. They take light designs to new heights, and offer lots of designs that fit the decor scene this year, where lights reflect works of art.

Hubbardton Forge Olympus Orb Pendant
A chandelier, like the Hubbardton Forge Olympus Orb Pendant shown here, should be at least 30 inches from the top of your table.

Light fixtures enhance decor and influence the look of a room and the functions within it. New standout styles bring even more to the table, allowing homeowners to get as creative as they’d like with new light designs.

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