5 Handcrafted Cottagecore Furniture Ideas

Beth Rice 14/07/2022

Cottagecore has amassed quite a following. Loved for its natural style and feel-good practices, the cottagecore culture embodies rustic design, web-free habits and overall cozy feelings.  We have just the right pieces of handcrafted furniture to help capture the feeling, the style and the essence of cottage core.

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore, also known as farmcore, seeks to be removed from the pressures and distractions of technology, television and fast pace processes. Inspired by western agricultural life, it celebrates farm life and all that is rural. It seeks to practice simplicity and sustainability, celebrating nature and activities that satisfy by doing, such as baking, gardening, knitting and assorted crafts. Cottagecore fans like to thrift shop, grow their own vegetables and collect eggs from their own coops. There’s a love of sustainable products and practices, as well as handmade products. Cottagecore combines the charm of English countryside with a love of farm life.

While the cottagecore ideal emerged as early as 2017, it widened its reach substantially as it was circulated on popular social media sites like Tik Tok, Instagram and Tumblr (Yes, it is ironic that its growth was propelled by the practices it avoids.) Cottagecore’s growth was spurred by the pandemic, as people were stuck inside and looking for ways to comfort themselves.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

The cottagecore aesthetic is going after a cozy look and feel. Nature and natural elements are main focuses, and they are used to decorate with. Things like houseplants, fresh or dried flowers, neutral colors and warm tones all work for cottagecore. The look and feel of European countrysides are celebrated here, along with an influence of romanticism that looks to combine nature, nostalgia and the use of the senses. The farmhouse look goes hand-in-hand with cottagecore, displaying a warm, homey look and feel.

Cottagecore lets you mix and match items too. Things like patchwork quilts and tea cups displayed on hooks in hutches don’t have to be matchy matchy by any means.

Cottagecore Characteristics

  • Loves countryside scenes
  • Seeks harmony with nature
  • Looks to live simply
  • Practices sustainability
  • Embraces activities like sewing, baking and crafting
  • Seeks a cozy feeling within the home

Five Handcrafted Cottagecore Furniture Ideas

Cottagecore furniture embraces the handmade and celebrates a natural look. The rustic warmth of a vintage find fits right in a cottagecore room.  Furniture can be mixed and matched, making this design even more appealing. A warm, lived in or broken in look contributes to the warmth. Natural solid wood makes a perfect fit, along with rustic looks like live edge or hickory furniture.

1. A hutch

Amish Plymouth Hutch
The Amish Plymouth Hutch offers cute spaces to display teacups and dainty dishes.

A hutch can be used to display the collections cottagecore loves, like pretty teacups and plates. Hutch designs have a welcoming, warm look built right into them. They’re a great place to tuck away freshly baked bread or pie as well!

Amish Country Corner Hutch
The Amish Country Corner Hutch offers a warm, cozy look and feel.

2. A live edge

Amish Live Edge Wood Bed
The Amish Mervin Live Edge Bed captures the beauty of the outdoors and brings it inside.

For those who are looking to bring in the beauty of nature, a live edge piece of furniture offers one exquisite solution. Live edge pieces seek to maintain the wood as close to the original cut as possible, utilizing the wood that’s just beneath the bark. Live edge furniture can easily fit a rustic or contemporary room and showcases the beauty of the wood in a stunning way.

3. A distressed piece

Distressing adds a worn, antique look to the Amish Jamesport Kitchen Island.

Woodworkers use distressing techniques to create an antique look for furniture. They create markings on the wood to simulate signs of aging and wear. Cottagecore loves an antique, “broken in” look, and a distressed piece of furniture is a perfect fit.

4. Something vintage

Cottagecore design loves a vintage find. Thrift shops and second-hand shops are good places to find vintage pieces that contribute to the coziness of a cottagecore room.

Honeybrook Colonial Dry Sink
The Honeybrook Colonial Dry Sink adds a vintage look.

5. A plant stand

Amish Lancaster Mission Plant Stand
Create beautiful plant displays with the Amish Lancaster Mission Plant Stands.

Houseplants are a must for cottage core style. They enrich the room and increase oxygen levels. Plant stands are a good way to display them.

These are just a few cottagecore furniture ideas you can use to create a simple, cozy, natural look at home.

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