Springtime Showdown: Panel Beds vs. Platform Beds

Beth Rice 14/03/2019

Panel beds and platform beds both have reasons to brag. One will cost you less while the other might be easier to get in and out of. We’re breaking down the features of panel beds versus platform beds with some insider tips on our stylish Amish beds.

What are Panel Beds?

A panel bed has an eye-catching headboard that’s usually fairly tall and decorative. The headboard is divided into panel-like sections and definitely makes a statement. Panel beds require a box spring which creates a more traditional looking bed.

Panel Bed Construction

Panel beds have side rails that hold and support the box spring and mattress.

Panel bed with side rails.
The frame and side rails of an Amish bed in the DutchCrafters Showroom.

Wood slats are under the mattress. Open spaces between the slats allow the mattress to breathe.

Slat support system of a panel bed.
A view of the slat supports.

Pros of Panel Beds

  • Come in many different styles, offering lots of options to choose from
  • Box spring adds to the height of the bed which can be easier for some to get in and out of
  • Offer great support with slats, box spring and mattress

Cons of Panel Beds

  • Require a box spring which adds to the cost
  • Generally more traditional in style, may not fit a modern look

What Are Platform Beds?

A platform bed has a strong level base that consists of either a slat support system or a solid panel. Platform beds are fairly low to the ground and do not need a box spring. They are simple bed frames that come in different materials and different styles. Platform beds often have a contemporary look due to their simple form.

Amish Jacobsen Storage Bed
The panel support and frame of the Jacobson Storage Bed, featured in the DutchCrafters Showroom.
Jacobson Storage Bed
The center panel of the Jacobson reveals even more storage.
Amish Jacobson Storage Bed
The Amish Jacobsen Storage Bed

Pros of Platform Beds

  • Budget-friendly: Saves you money since a box spring is not needed
  • There’s more room for storage drawers under the bed since there’s no box spring—it’s like a bed and dresser in one!
  • Great choice for fans of contemporary style
  • Being closer to the ground makes the bed more stable
  • Available in many shapes and unique styles
Cumulus Lake Platform Bed

Cons of Platform Beds

  • Solid and heavy and not as easy to move around
  • Not a choice for those who are looking for a more traditional style bed
  • Being closer to the ground can make it harder for some to get in and out of

Which One Is the Winner?

The better bed really depends on you. What are your needs? With their lower height, platform beds take a little more oomph to get out of and they’re not easy to move. You’ll also want to purchase a better mattress to go with your platform since there’s no box spring for added support. On the other hand, if you prefer a traditional looking bed that’s a bit higher with a decorative headboard, a panel bed might be more to your liking.

Insider Info About Our Amish Made Panel and Platform Beds

  • Head and footboard are assembled using high quality bonding agents and mortise and tenon joinery to protect against wobbling.
  • Every bed is assembled before being sent out for fine-tuning to be sure customers can count on each piece going together flawlessly.
  • Minimal tools are required to assemble beds. Our panel beds will ship with the headboard, footboard and two side rails. Side rails simply attach to headboard and footboard.
  • To prepare for delivery, be sure to have your room clear so you have plenty of space to work. It is easiest to put beds together with two people.
  • Our Amish beds are crafted from solid wood. Many sites claim American made solid wood beds but are using veneers. That doesn’t happen with our Amish beds. They are sturdy and offer maximum durability.

Tell us, are you a panel or a platform bed fan?

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