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#KnowledgeGrab – Ascension Day

Jayca Pike 29/05/2014

If you ever thought that perhaps the Amish woodworkers that create our DutchCrafters Amish furniture worked a mite too hard, not to worry — today is a holiday for them! Read on for a quick #KnowledgeGrab on Ascension Day for the Amish in America. Related Posts Family Foods and Fine Furniture: Favorite Holiday Recipes from our Staff As holiday preparations get underway, warm thoughts of family traditions and outings come to mind. Somewhere between carols, decorations,… #KnowledgeGrab – Ascension Day

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How to Brighten a Room With Dark Furniture

Jayca Pike 06/05/2014

7 Inspiring Ways to Create a Light Space Around Dark Pieces Related Posts How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture Your solid wood furniture helps play host to beautiful dinners, magical home movie screenings, and overnight guests during the holiday Read more How to Store your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter As fall turns into winter, your beautiful outdoor furniture prepares to hibernate for a while. Much of the modern outdoor Read more 3 Ways to… How to Brighten a Room With Dark Furniture

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Cherry Wood Furniture-The Lowdown

Beth Rice 13/01/2014

You Put Cherries On Top For A Reason! Why cherry wood? There are so many wood choices, is there really a difference? YES! Related Posts Sustainable Furniture: More Than Just A Design Trend Sustainable living is one of the year’s shining trends, including an increased awareness and use of sustainable furniture for the Read more 10 Questions About Oak Wood Furniture Solid oak wood furniture is a top performer. Oak wood is strong, natural and… Cherry Wood Furniture-The Lowdown

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The Amazing Abilities of Cedar Wood

Beth Rice 31/12/2013

Many different options exist for the materials you can use for outdoor structures and furniture. I would like to discuss the benefits of one such material, cedar wood. Cedar has many great qualities that make it one of the most suitable types of wood for outdoor use. It repels rot and insects, it’s durable, beautiful, and smells great! Related Posts Making Room to Grow: Furniture for a Shared Bedroom Siblings may argue, but at the… The Amazing Abilities of Cedar Wood

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5 Great Ideas for Outdoor Lighthouses

Jim Miller 10/12/2013

Ideas for Amish Made Outdoor Lighthouses One of the very first Amish made products that we offered when we first opened our virtual doors at DutchCrafters in 2003 was the Amish made lighthouse.   Related Posts 5 Amish Gifts for Bird Lovers They stop mid-sentence to look up. They always bring you to the porch or backyard to point out a sighting. Read more Things to Know About Cupolas What are cupolas exactly? How do… 5 Great Ideas for Outdoor Lighthouses

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The Amish of Pinecraft

Jim Miller 04/12/2013

Amish of Pinecraft This blog post was updated on June 6, 2019. Pinecraft is a neighborhood of about 3000 Amish and Mennonites in Sarasota, Florida.  It’s a tourist destination for Amish and Mennonites from all over North America, in addition to being a point of curiosity for other visitors to Sarasota who might do a double-take when they see an Amish boy roller-blading down Bahia Vista Street or several Amish teenagers walking back from the… The Amish of Pinecraft

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Online Amish Furniture at DutchCrafters

Jim Miller 27/11/2013

Online Amish Furniture Since 2003 Since 2003, DutchCrafters has been a leader in online Amish Furniture. With more than 8000 furniture pieces to choose from, representing more than 120 small Amish and Mennonite woodshops in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, DutchCrafters has the largest variety of Amish furniture online anywhere. Related Posts How Can I Tell It’s Really Amish Made Furniture? The secret is out and has been for a while. Amish furniture is high quality.… Online Amish Furniture at DutchCrafters

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Pennsylvania Dutch – the Amish Language

Jim Miller 25/07/2013

This post was updated on Nov. 7, 2018 to include a link to more information about the Pennsylvania Dutch language.  One of the important ways in which the culture of Amish communities is defined and maintained is through the Amish language. The Amish speak a German dialect known as Pennsylvania German, and is often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsche). Amish children learn Pennsylvania Dutch at home and are fluent in it before they learn English.… Pennsylvania Dutch – the Amish Language

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